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About us

About us

What is innovation to you? To us, it is like the air we breathe. It is a passion to which we devote ourselves completely. It is solutions that allow us to create a safe and comfortable space for each and every one of us. Also, it means our honesty toward our clients, who inspire us to create and who motivate us to act every day.



Globtrak w liczbach

Up to 40% fuel savings
up to 20% savings on working time and mileage
Up to 30% increase in efficiency of drivers and operators
98% satisfied clients of Globtrak Polska
Globtrak od G do K

Globtrak from G to K

Globtrak is a company inspired by the need to provide innovative solutions for the future, which meet high expectations. We are here to always raise the bar and develop projects that will make our world a better place on many levels – whether it is the work of a tireless farmer in the field, the creation of buildings by construction crews, or the daily challenges of social services and municipal transportation companies.

Globtrak stands for:

  • Guarantee of the highest quality,

  • Loyalty to clients,

  • Openness to continuous development and challenges,

  • Being safe – a state that we create in partnership with you for all of us,

  • Taking care of a better future,

  • Reaping creative joy from our projects every day,

  • Authoring solutions tailored to individual needs,

  • Keeping consistency in our pursuit of perfection


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