GPS Location

GPS Location

GPS transmitter for cars and other vehicles

Monitoring the location and speed of your vehicle has never been easier. The core functionality of the GLOBTRAK system is based on operation of a GPS transmitter designed and manufactured using the latest technologies. With this device, you can conveniently track the route of any vehicle in real time.

The system transmits 100% reliable, verified, and highly precise data. A detailed report on the route and key parameters of the vehicle is delivered to your hands. This gives you tremendous opportunities to optimize your business. You are able to compare routes, fuel consumption, and use of consumables. Savings are possible in virtually every transport industry/service that relies on a fleet of vehicles.

The GLOBTRAK GPS device comes with:

  • a GPS receiver thanks to which you will precisely track your vehicle
  • a GPRS modem that sends all the data collected by the locator to the system

  • CAN allowing to read such parameters as the amount of consumed fuel and the value of engine revolutions,

  • an input-output module allowing you to add further functionalities,

  •  central unit  a modern microcomputer.

Lokalizator GPS z możliwością rozszerzenia o dodatkowe funkcje

GPS locator expandable with additional features

Every industry has its own specific requirements. Perhaps you have already tested the basic monitoring system, but expect something more? If you work in an industry that requires an overview of strictly defined vehicle parameters, try locators extended with additional features.

You will find those in the Mini Pro, Standard, and Professional versions. The GLOBTRAK system in an extended version is a good choice if you wish to manage your fleet in a fully integrated manner.

Which of the following additional functionalities will help you manage your fleet more effectively?

  • Maintain full control over fuel management (probes, floats).

  • Add a driver identification option to increase safety and settle working time more easily.

  • Include the function of separating business driving from private driving and achieve full transparency of settlements.

  • Control temperature in vehicles transporting passengers or cargo.

  • Choose the vehicle locking option to avoid the risk of unauthorized access.

Wszechstronność zastosowania GPS GLOBTRAK

Versatility of GLOBTRAK GPS

Ever since the early days of our company, we believed that GLOBTRAK had the potential to support a wide range of industries. Our assumptions have been confirmed in practice.

Today, the system helps owners of commercial and transport fleets as well as companies operating in the construction industry. Modules extended with additional functionalities support precision agriculture, municipal transportation, and public-utility vehicles.

Considering the possibilities of SMART technology, we are sure that more industries will soon join the club of those using GLOBTRAK.