Small obstacles, high costs

Maneuvering heavy construction machinery and vehicles requires advanced skills and exceptional vigilance. Experienced operators admit that even the most sophisticated system of mirrors is not enough to smoothly steer a vehicle.

The problem of blind spots and reduced visibility is particularly acute when the working conditions are difficult – at construction sites, in quarries, near busy roads. The thought of financial and emotional consequences of a collision or accident (e.g. when reversing without being careful enough) keeps many business owners up at night.

A sensible solution is to invest in a proven tool that provides additional protection for the driver, vehicle, pedestrians, and company employees.



W jakich branżach szczególnie przydaje się radarowe wykrywanie przeszkód?

In which industries is radar obstacle detection particularly useful?

  • Construction sites,
  • roadworks,

  • earthworks,

  • agriculture,

  • forestry, mining,

  • transport of heavy and bulky loads,

  • large factory halls,

  • yards where workers walk while specialized, heavy machinery moves around.